A foolproof buying a dog bed strategy

Shopping is not everyone’s forte and many a time when you want to buy something as important as a dog bed for your loyal pet due to insufficient knowledge you mess up. Thankfully there are a few foolproof strategies that will ensure that you don’t go wrong with such an important decision.

So, to begin with, you must determine the size and weight of your pet and its sleeping habits. There are no standard sizes available in dog beds as a result unless you have the full measurements and weight of your pet, you cannot buy a bed that the pet will enjoy spending time on. Remember to buy a bed that has the same material as your sofa or bed that the pet is used to. This will be an easier method to wean it off your furniture to its own space.

You can go for an entry-level model which is normally cheap to know if your dog will take to the transition. Once it is comfortable you can invest more in a dog bed.

Next important aspect is insulation and protection. Not all dogs are created equal; some feel the chills while others feel hot. It is therefore wise to choose a bed based on your pet’s needs and health requirements. For example, heated pet beds are ideal for those dogs that feel cold or for the long winter months when chilly draughts are frequent.

If your dog is a chewer or a swimmer you need to look for beds that are chew-proof and waterproof. K9 ballistics are used for these beds hence even the strongest of canine teeth cannot rip them apart. This material is easy to clean and provides adequate support.

Thus, to list it out:

  • Measure the length and weight
  • Choose a comfortable material and stuffing
  • Choose stuffing that retains its shape
  • Look for chew proof and waterproof types
  • Look for insulation and protection
  • Opt for cot style beds for dogs that have bad knees
  • Check out the washing options.

Hopefully, this will dispel your nervousness and you can buy a bed that you and your pet are happy with.