FPS games are cool, period! This is a statement that needs no explanation. These are pretend play games for the grown up kids. The adrenaline packed rush that these games offer is something that makes them so famous. And these are the games that allow you to perform some live action that you might not get to experience in the real world. FPS games might be popular in trend. But these are also the ones that are pretty difficult to master. You would need to learn all the right strategies to make your place in the FPS gaming arena.

Here are some of the most popular FPS games that gamers worldwide are playing:

  1. Doom:

Be it the sizzling graphics that the game carries or the enigmatic theme or the storyline, everything about the game has impressed us. It has a touch of class in it, a feel that you get when you play some of the classic FPS games but comes with clean contemporary looks.

  1. Titanfall 2:

There have been several games released closely around the time of release of this game. But this simply did not affect the success of this one. This one has been popular for offering one of the best gameplays in the recent times. There are also multiplayer modes and other new features included to make the game even better.

  1. Counter-Strike- Global Offensive:

All hail the King of FPS- CS is not leaving our list of top FPS games anytime. This one is truly a revamped game with the signature CS feel but an all modern look. There are some of the coolest weapons to pick too.

One major problem with these FPS games is that they are too cool and might make you restless to try out new levels. This is when you can try buying gaming accounts. These accounts here are for sale and they allow you to start not from the beginning but from wherever you want in the game, provide you know your game.